Pool over the ocean in west Bali

A wellness oasis

Our vision at Sunset-Dream

Sunset-Dream ‘wellness oasis’ on Bali’s West coast (close to Balian beach), offers breathtaking views across the sea. Escape to an idyllic of modern and natural comforts, unparalleled service and warm local charm. Bonian is approximately 2 hours away from the hustle of Kuta and Denpasar.

John lives there, a medical doctor, ocean and nature lover. He offers some bedrooms for guests. As an expert in natural medicines, he can also provide a holistic guide to bodily cleansing, revitalisation and strengthening, for those willing to improve their health.

Our philosophy is to ensure our guests enjoy life, sprinkled with the Balinese spirit of well-being and inner tranquility.

You can discuss and share ideas about personal health optimisation with John. He also offers specific natural treatments carried out on site, as well as an introduction to body strengthening methods, catering for all ages.

Nature and energy

The Sunset Dream villa

Villa de face et piscine

The villa
Off the beaten track, the villa is peacefully enclosed by pure nature and is cultivated regarding ecological factors. The generous use of raw and natural materials along with thorough architectural design blends the villa 'sunset-dream' into its natural surroundings and habitat.

By incorporating fusion style aesthetics of wood - rope - natural stone and a variety of abundant plant species... all rooms share space and seamlessly connect with nature's embodiment of green energy. The living room and dining room open onto the garden area, looking out to the ocean.
The villa has three very spacious bedrooms overlooking the swimming pool. A fourth bedroom is located in a bungalow integrated into the slope of the land leading down to the beach. It has a 180 ° view of the sea.

The tropical garden

Our coastal garden offers guests uninterrupted views of flourishing trees, bushes and a surrounding canopy of wooded coconut palms.

The sloping and meticulously kept green lawn and gardens are maintained with care and passion for the environment. With a mixing of fruit trees, flowering bushes and unending greenery, gently descends towards the blue vista of the Indian ocean. Nestled atop a small cliff, a staircase will lead you directly onto the beach. Picture-perfect !


A friendly and healthy stay

We take care of you

Terrace autour de la piscine

Refined and healthy cuisine
Dewi is passionate about both traditional and international culinary cuisine. We will serve imaginatively prepared, healthy and tasty gourmet dishes. Tantalising your taste buds while enhancing your body's health and vitality. Our food is pure fresh energy for your body, mind and soul.

Health packs to gain energy

With long experience, John has developed natural "care packs" aimed at strengthening your body and increasing your energy. They use baths, massages, yoga, breathing techniques, etc... You can enjoy them on the spot. John, as an expert in natural medicines, can offer personal advice to help you achieve and maintain your balance, health and well-being.
According to traditional knowledges, diet and life-style (particularly stress management and thought patterns) have a great influence on our health, fitness, wellbeing and ultimately our beauty.

We are looking forward to your visit and hope that 'Sunset-Dream' will inspire, invigorate and enchant you!